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Play Beginner Piano: Starter Music

When you start learning to play piano, the object usually is to learn to play simple songs at first. Not only is playing beginning songs for piano enjoyable to listen to and play, it can also serve as a valuable practice tool. There are several well-known songs that many people learning piano start out learning. When you learn to play beginning piano songs, you can take the scale patterns, chord and rhythms and improvise to make your own songs eventually. This is because many of the songs are old and therefore in the public domain. This isn’t to say use those songs, obviously. 

One of the most basic melodies you can learn is a traditional Japanese folk song called ‘Sakura’. It’s a simple song with no accidentals to worry about. The song can’t be fully described here, but it starts on A. To hear the full song, run a Google search for ‘Sakura traditional folk song MIDI’. You can download the song onto your computer as a MIDI file, and if you download a MIDI editing programme like Anvil Studios, you can view and print the note chart. The best thing to practice first is the melody line. The supporting trills and arpeggio progressions can be played with the left hand. The song helps you practice interval shifting, as there are fourth intervals. 

Another, more well-known, song to play on the piano is Beethoven’s ‘Fur Elise’. This is more complex than ‘Sakura’, with more notes and several confusing accidentals at times. The song starts on E. This song also allows for practice of accidentals in addition to descending note progressions in the second section. There is a rather difficult section afterward, but keep practicing it – it’ll come in time. 

The United States’ national anthem, ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ is a good song to practice arpeggio progression, as that’s what the song opens with from G, to E, to C. The 2001 Space Odyssey does the same thing, but also uses the octave note of C, but skips E.

‘America the Beautiful’ is another nice patriotic song to play on the piano. You can also play childhood melodies and nursery rhymes like ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’. 

You can also play TV show themes, video game music, any type of music that’s simple, if you feel like you can learn it by ear. It’s simply a matter of figuring out the intervals of the melody, and then transposing the melody to the proper key once you’ve figured it out. This is also the standard way to learn to play songs by ear. It doesn’t matter which song you pick, the general method of learning it will always be the same. 
Any music you want to learn can generally be downloaded as a MIDI file. After you print out the score, you can use the sheet music to practice from – many people who code MIDI files have a background in music, so you don’t have to worry about getting grossly inaccurate MIDI files. You can also learn to play different parts that correspond to different instruments.

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